About Sectional Sofas Wholesale

Designed with comfort, style, and durability in mind, these innovative and practical sectional sofas turn the modern living room, family room, or basement into an oasis people don’t want to leave. HSM offers sectional sofas in a variety of shapes and configurations, from L-shaped versions for corners to curved and U-shaped versions for basements and large family rooms, to meet your wholesale needs. With high-quality sectional sofas, HSM is a comprehensive destination for your next wholesale plan and solution.

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Corner Sectional sofa

types of wholesale sectional sofas

The following are some common types of sectional sofas available for wholesale. You can choose the suitable type for wholesale according to your target market or audience.

Corner Sectional

The L-shaped structure fits many places with ease and features arms on both sides of the L-shape. Many of our wholesale customers would order corner sectionals.

Corner Sectional Sofa With Peninsula

This type of sectional sofa is like the standard corner sectional with a peninsula on one side instead of a standard armrest, which is also popular in the living room furniture market.

Angled Sectional

With a geometric twist, it is a unique option for a modern setting and a must for modern interiors. The spacious design fits the whole family and is a great choice for a long, narrow room.

some of wholesale sectional sofas designs

If you need more sectional sofas styles, welcome to contact us.

U-shaped Sectional

This unique design can make your sectional sofa product line stand out and is ideal for large, open floor plans or basements. Many U-shaped sectionals feature both integrated chaise lounges and peninsulas to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Sectional Sofa With Chaise

It often features a standard sofa with a chaise longue at one end to allow people to stretch out comfortably, which is also hot for wholesale sofas.

Two-sided Sectional

Two-sided sectional sofas with their own characteristics are ideal for spacious living areas with multiple vantage points.

With many options available, it’s easy to see why sectional sofas have become one of the most sought-after home decor pieces in the furniture market. HSM’s sectional sofas come in different price ranges: normal, mid-to-high end, and high-end. Some of these sectional sofas have promotions where you can find sofa products that are specially discounted to save you on wholesale costs.

Sectional Sofa With Chaise
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designs and styles of sectional sofas

You’ll be able to choose between modern, mid-century modern, casual, and traditional styles when you browse through our sectional sofa catalog. If you prefer something other than a leather sectional sofa, check out the upholstery options. Fabric and faux leather materials are featured.

In terms of the seating types, they mainly include stationary and reclining. Sectional sofas with recliners are very popular in the furniture wholesale market as they offer plenty of rest and adjustable positioning for people.

Designed for versatility, functionality and comfort, HSM’s sectional sofas feature adjustable headrests, recliners, adjustable backs, built-in storage and more, giving you more wholesale options.

with us as your wholesale sectional sofa partner

These sectional sofas are versatile because they not only offer plenty of comfortable seating, but they can be reconfigured to fit in any size living room or family room. Choosing the best sectional sofa product for your wholesale business can take some time and research. However, with HSM as your one-stop wholesale sectional sofa supplier, we are ready to help. There is no problem at all for you to wholesale premium sectional sofas within your budget. The first thing you need to do is contact us and send us any of your questions, such as MOQ, wholesale price, discount, packaging, shipping, etc. Our customer service will answer your questions in detail in a short time.

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FAQs about Sectional Sofas Wholesale

We are committed to responsible sourcing and sustainability. We aim to use environmentally friendly materials and processes wherever possible.

Yes, we offer tiered pricing based on the quantity of the sectional sofa order. Please contact our sales team for more details.

es, we do provide white-label services for businesses that want to sell our sectional sofas under their own branding. Please contact our sales team for more details.

We provide full after-sales support, including assembly assistance, warranty service, and prompt responses to any questions or concerns you might have.

Yes, we offer a consultation service to assist you with space planning and furniture selection to ensure you choose the best sectional sofa for your needs.

Yes, all our products comply with international safety and quality standards. We only work with manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and safety.