About Custom Bunk Beds

Want to optimize your bedroom space? Look no further than HSM, a professional custom bedroom furniture manufacturer! Our custom bunk beds are stylish, sturdy, and built to last, providing a comfortable and practical sleeping solution for your family and guests. What’s more, they are designed to blend in with your very own room colors and home decor. Every bunk bed we make is unique. And some of their wood finishes enhance and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. If you have an idea for a custom bunk bed, we would like to hear from you!

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A Vast Customization Option For Bunk Beds

Many of the bunk beds you see will come in different sizes, such as queen over queen, twin over queen, full over king, king over king, and any configuration you can think of!

There are natural, white, and chestnut finishes available. And in terms of the bed end styles we offer, they include panel, slat, curved, modern slat, and much more.

HSM also offers some specialty bunk beds, such as treehouse bunk beds, L-shaped bunk beds, triple bunk beds, built-in bunk beds, etc. In addition to the standard sizes, you can customize bunk beds with special sizes or irregular shapes, built according to your layout and space.

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If you need more bunk bed styles, welcome to contact us for the catalog.

What Kind Of Materials Do We Use To Make Your Custom Bunk Beds?

When it comes to the material of our custom bunk beds, wood is, by some distance, the most popular material for crafting bunk beds. It offers versatility in style and color, as well as a rich, sturdy construction that ensures an intricate structure that will last for years. We primarily use oak, maple, pine, and MDF, but you can choose any other species that you want. Alder, cherry, and ash have been popular lately. We are not restricted to anything.

We use metal, too, which is less common than wood. Our metal bunk beds allow for a lighter construction, often allowing for a more open and airy structure. If you want easier assembly and moving, you may want to consider metal. We are here to provide you with exceptional service and help you find the perfect materials and bunk beds.

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Our Mission Is To Create Pieces You Love

Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to satisfying bunk bed buyers with our wide range of designs and providing our customers with high-quality bunk beds at affordable prices. We prioritize the comfort and safety of our customers, ensuring that our beds are structurally sound and suitable for all body types, weights, and sizes. Each board is meticulously selected and milled for both aesthetics and safety. With a fast turnaround time, we make sure that your dream bunk beds are delivered without unnecessary delays.

When we manufacture custom bunk beds, we combine the conveniences and style of modern life with them. We believe your home should be an oasis, and our team of industry experts is committed to your satisfaction. Whether you want to customize a bunk bed for your children or your guests, we will work with you to design and develop the perfect statement pieces for any space.

We take pride in meeting and exceeding safety standards, as we build each bed with the same attention to detail as if it were for ourselves. These custom bunk beds are a masterful balance of form and function and will spruce up your sleeping space. If you have a custom bunk bed plan, do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Our customer representative and production team with expertise are ready to assist you.

FAQs About Custom Bunk Beds

We use high-quality materials, such as solid wood and aluminum, to make our bunk beds. This strong metal makes for a very sturdy piece of furniture, but it is also light enough that the bed can easily be moved as much as needed once it’s assembled.

The ladders work anywhere on the bunk beds, including the sides or ends that have guardrails attached. And for mixed-size bunk beds, the ladder can be attached to one of the two ends of the bed. Talk to our designers for more details.

No. You can use most commercially available innerspring mattresses. If you want to use a memory foam mattress, you will need to add a solid surface to support it. Otherwise, your mattress will begin to sink between the wooden slats. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Unless otherwise specified, the stairs will be painted to match the color of the bed you are ordering. If you’d prefer something different, we can paint it with our standard finishes or stain it a different color. Contact us to see the different color options and let us know your choice for customization.

It will only take a few hours at most, with the bunk beds and triple bunk beds being the more time-consuming assembly projects. We recommend allowing two hours to assemble a loft bed and three to four hours for the bunk beds.

We require a minimum 50% deposit to begin your order, with the balance due when your custom bunk bed is complete and before your order leaves our factory.