About Custom Dressers

The need to buy or customize a quality dresser sometimes falls between the cracks. Some homeowners think that closets with built-in drawers are a great substitute for a bedroom dresser. However, dressers are more than just storage. It’s an essential piece of decor that can serve as the focal point of your room and tie the entire bedroom theme together. If you’re looking for the best affordable bedroom dresser, HSM Bedroom Furniture Supplier is the right one to consider. Here, you can experience a hassle-free, one-stop custom journey.

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available custom dresser styles

There are beautiful pieces that come in various styles, and you can get the best budget dresser with unique construction and features that will instantly enhance your space. Of course, we can also work with you to design other dresser styles. Here are some popular custom bedroom dresser styles:


HSM’s modern dressers have fewer ornate decorations and mostly smooth and clean surfaces and lines. Most of them are minimal, with simple geometric shapes. Discuss with our designers and add your idea to the modern dresser design.


If you want to customize a more traditional bedroom, expect a flow of beautiful embellishments. From ornate hand pulls to stunning cabriole legs, traditional dressers emanate class and sophistication. These types are typically made of wood finishes like oak, mahogany, dark pine, cherry, and more. You’ll love this dresser made of pine solids and exquisite antique brass metal hardware.

some of Custom dressers designs

If you need more dressers styles, welcome to contact us for the catalog.


Contemporary custom dressers build on more versatile furniture and interior design elements, featuring metal trim and finishes. Oftentimes, it showcases more distinctive shapes and sleeker profiles for the modern bedroom and boasts impressive finishes and structures.


How about customizing a cottage-inspired dresser for your bedroom? It is a blend of subtle traditional design and charming coastal elegance. Most of them deliver a cozy and airy appeal due to their white and classic finishes. You can also choose full-extension metal slide drawer glides if you want.

In addition to the customizable dresser styles listed above, there are also farmhouse, rustic, coastal, etc. Tell our designers the style you want, and HSM can do it for you.

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custom dressers with our designers

Our talented furniture designers are ready to work with you to customize the dressers, choose from a variety of stains and finishes to match the style of your bedroom, and create the perfect decor for your home. And of course, it makes your everyday life more convenient; just put your belongings in HSM’s custom, durable dresser!

Over years, HSM has been providing unmatched expertise in the bedroom furniture market. We stick to work with our customers to meet their needs. Our ability to customize and source materials locally provide our customers high quality dressers at a competitive price.

Due to our highly specialized production techniques, we can deliver dressers or other furniture products that many other suppliers cannot be matched in quality and price. Each piece is made-to-order by HSM artisan using your favorite material, stain, paint, and hardware. Our custom dressers can be configured to highly durable and have a longer lifespan than other furniture brand. The end result is a beautiful dresser built to withstand the rigors of daily use to last the test of time.

FAQs About Custom Dressers

We do everything we can to ensure that we create a design plan for your custom dresser that is both functional and beautiful. From our in-depth communication, discussing your inspiration images, and offering a round of revisions, we are confident that we can create a beautiful design for you. Usually, we offer a free design with your order. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

We use hardwoods such as walnut, maple, mahogany, birch, and oak, or softwoods such as pine, fir, and cedar. Other materials such as metal, wicker, rattan, leather, wood veneer, or wood laminate are also used.

We can customize most types of dressers for you, such as standard horizontal dressers, double dressers, combo dressers, vertical dressers, etc. You can also discuss the style, color, and material you want with our designers and make it your own one-of-a-kind custom dresser.

Yes, it is. We always encourage customers to test the quality of our dressers by placing a sample order. Not only that, but it can save a lot of unnecessary hassle.

While our goal is to accommodate changes, this may not always be possible once production begins. Therefore, we encourage all customers to finalize their designs before we begin manufacturing the bed.

Before we ship, we double-check and carefully and professionally package it to ensure that you receive your custom dresser intact. If, unfortunately, it arrives damaged or defective, we’ll replace it or issue a refund. Contact us immediately for further authorization and instructions. We work with you to resolve the issue.