About Custom Nightstands

Nightstands allow you to keep a few bedside essentials within easy reach. This can include a lamp, an alarm clock, mobile devices, or some nighttime reading material. The ideal height for a nightstand is usually level with the top of your mattress. When it comes to style, you can customize it with drawers, shelves, or even a combination of the two. Most nightstands are made of wood, with the high-end varieties constructed of either pine, mahogany, oak, or another wood.

custom nightstands
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custom designs and details

The nightstands are designed to be compact, so they don’t take up much floor or wall space. You can even fit them into tight spaces or corners. Although the nightstands are small, they are big on functionality. Each of the custom options you discover can become a conversation starter, with details and features that take decorating to a new level.

Whether you already have a design in mind or don’t know where to start, we can manage the process so that custom nightstand projects run smoothly. You can expect to see your vision for your custom nightstand come to life.

Custom nightstands can be rectangular or round, with one drawer, multiple drawers, or shelves; some have a mix of drawers and shelves.

How about the funky, curved designs? Some of them are made with clear glass for a clean, retro look. The character and creativity used to customize these nightstands give them an exceptional contemporary look. You may love our custom nightstands with defined leg support, abstract drawer knobs, and marble tops—just a few of the features that make them exceptional.

some of Custom nightstands designs

If you need more nightstand styles, welcome to contact us for the catalog.

nightstand styles and materials

We offer a wide range of customization options to meet the needs of each of our customers. When it comes to nightstand style, there are closed storage, mixed storage, open storage, display, and floating. And for the furniture material, wood, metal, raffia, rattan, marble, glass, ceramic, mirror, and stone are available. Not only that, you can choose a preferred furniture finish as well, such as white, white wood, light wood, medium wood, dark wood, black metal, brown, gray wood, and much more.

Most of our custom nightstands are made of wood, but check out those with metal frames, acrylic, or drawer accents. By mixing materials, you can have the custom nightstand blend into a single bedroom set or stand out.

HSM’s experts can help you match the nightstands to your chosen bed, which is a great way to make sure your bedroom looks harmonious. And if you want to choose a nightstand first and a bed later, or if you simply want a different style to realize a personal design vision, there is a wider range of custom options.

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custom nightstands

what can hSM do for your custom nightstands?

When we customize a design from scratch for you, we take into account your space, your style, and your budget. Currently, we are able to serve you by offering virtual design consultations. We will walk you through the process of measuring the space you want us to design. On the shared screen, we will review your measurements, look at pictures of what you want to store in the nightstand, and show you pictures and samples of materials and hardware. If needed, we can send you the nightstand sample for your confirmation.

During the customization process, your design consultant can provide more details to determine which products best meet your sustainability needs. At HSM, many components can be mixed and matched, so the best way to get a specific price is to request a free consultation. We’re here to help!

FAQs About Custom Nightstands

While it’s entirely up to you whether you prefer a taller or shorter nightstand, a good rule of thumb is no higher than 4 to 5 inches above your mattress.

Yes, we have additional finishing, staining, and painting options for our customers. Please call or email us for more information.

Traditional, contemporary, or modern nightstands—we have them for you. Of course, you can also discuss and create a unique nightstand with our designers.

The material of your nightstand will have a big impact on the style and feel of your bedroom. A natural wood nightstand with ornate brass or iron hardware will enhance a traditional bedroom, while nightstands with polished metal or glass accents will make a more contemporary statement. Choose a more solid and balanced nightstand if you plan to use it to support a heavy lamp or store bulky items. Feel free to contact us for more custom advice.

Coordinate the color of your nightstand with the color palette of your room, but remember that lighter colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it. A white nightstand, metal nightstand, or glass nightstand can help bring extra light into a bedroom, while a black or cherry nightstand is a tasteful complement that tones down a bright room. We offer a wide range of color scheme options.

Yes, we do. We are proud of the quality of our custom nightstands. You can contact our customer service team to have the product catalog sent to you. You may find more inspiration there.