Renovating a home is a way of upgrading the rooms in your house. It can also create the illusion of a different living space, as opposed to actually relocating to a new home. As such, it shouldn’t be any surprise to learn that the market for home renovations in America is worth a lot of money – billions, in fact. Giving your existing home a new look can lead to a lot of positive changes. Of course, the cost of every home makeover is different. If you are interested in spending the least amount of money possible to achieve a desired look for your home, have a look at our kitchen renovation guide or project reviews by clicking here.

Spending Less on Kitchen Renovations

The room that your family will spend the most amount of time in is the kitchen. Renovating it can therefore increase the home’s overall value. Sadly, home renovations – including ones involving kitchens – are a costly endeavor. Total upgrades could set you back thousands, if not more. The following article will go over several different ways to renovate a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Create a Renovation Budget and Put Together a Plan

Before starting your renovation product, you’ll need to put together a plan. It doesn’t matter if you are having a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen remodeled – a budget and plan are very important. You can hire an expert or develop your own blueprint for all the things that you want worked on. If this step is skipped, you will probably wind up spending more money and buying features that you don’t actually need. Besides having a plan, you’ll also have to stay within budget. There are several ways you can go about updating a kitchen, all of which will cost you some money. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. Be sure to set limits – otherwise, you’ll end up struggling to recoup the project’s costs.

Think About Having Your Kitchen Cupboards Re-Faced

This happens to be something that is easily achievable. The process is affordable and quick, and makes a big difference as far as the appearance of your kitchen is concerned. Refacing a cabinet involves reinforcing its existing frames with strong plywood. Afterward, laminate that is maintenance-free or real wood veneer will be applied over the plywood. The actual cabinet boxes will be left intact, while the drawers and doors will be replaced with an upgraded style and color. It provides you the functionality and appearance of cabinetry that is brand-new, though it will only cost you a portion of what it would take to replace the entire thing altogether. Kitchen cabinet refacing is an option that also saves you a lot of time, as the process will take between three and five days. If you opt for a complete remodeling, you can expect to wait weeks, if not months. Further, you have the option of adding additional interior storage when you have your cabinets refaced. Some of the more committed DIY homeowners opt for assembly-ready cabinetry that is available online. To browse kitchen cabinet providers and styles accessible to you, as well as gain some insight into what homeowners have said about each option, go through the customer reviews.

RTA cabinets by hsm

To Find the Best Possible Renovation Materials, Do Some Shopping Around

No matter what kind of renovation you are interested in, you are going to need materials – and plenty of them, at that. If you just purchase everything you require from a one-stop-shop, you’ll probably neglect a lot of deals that can save you money. By shopping around, you’ll boost your chances of finding affordable choices to finish your entire project. Besides your area’s big-box shops and local hardware stores, search the Internet. There are kitchen cabinet retail websites that provide sales often, and usually with better deals. As such, your odds of discovering something that meets your tastes will be tenfold. You should also ask family and friends for recommendations, as they might’ve had great experiences purchasing quality materials from a particular source.

buy kitchen cabinets online
buy cabinets online

DIY Kitchen Demolition

One optimal approach to saving money when renovating your home involves handling the demolition work yourself. It is a lot more cost-efficient to handle this aspect of the project on your own, so it is worth considering. Of course, the process could be long, messy, difficult, but it might also save you a lot of money. Also, knocking down some walls could be therapeutic and fun for you. Just make sure that you understand what to demolish to prevent destroying something essential. If you end up taking a DIY approach to your kitchen’s demolition, be sure to wear some eyewear production and a mask. You should also throw some coverings on your floor, as debris will inevitably be falling all over it.

Taking on All Sorts of Do-It-Yourself Projects

Completing a DIY project is an optimal approach to saving money. Repurposing old fixtures and furniture (like kitchen chairs or a table) is much more cost-efficient than buying brand-new versions of these things. Mind you, not everybody is a do-it-yourselfer, but you’ll be able to find thousands of videos online that instruct you how to do all sorts of projects. Many of these videos are catered to those tackling such endeavors for the first time. Odds are you’ll find something to help you. Of course, you’ll have to spend some money on various materials, but far less than the amount a professional would charge.

Take Track Lighting into Consideration

One underrated expense of kitchen renovations involves your lights. There are a number of ways you can brighten the kitchen up and create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. A lot of kitchens have recessed lighting (lighting embedded into the ceiling). This process will involve ceiling repair, wire installation, and hole cutting. As far as lights are concerned, you would be better suited to hire an electrician that is certified. Recessed lighting is effective for some homes, but it will come at a high cost. To remain within budget, think about track lighting instead. This alternative is a lot more affordable. You can use track lighting to completely illuminate the kitchen. All it takes is several different lights, and this option doesn’t cost a lot of money. Also, track lighting is simple to install.

Keep a Similar (or the Same) Layout

Upgrading the whole layout entails more than just moving around a fridge or table. You’ll have to modify the plumbing, move windows around, and perhaps even relocate the walls. Rather than modifying the layout, consider updating the furniture using fixtures instead. Doing so is enough to give any room some new life. If you do reconfigure the current layout, try not to move around the appliances, as doing so will require changing various mechanics, electrical work included. This will add more time to the project’s duration and increase costs. Plus, you’ll have to update the ceiling, floor, and/or walls when you’re done.

Some people would love nothing more than to change up their kitchen’s layout. However, they aren’t keen on the costs that come with such an endeavor.

For Countertops, Stick with Laminate

If you were to ask some people what kind of countertop that they want, most of them would say either quartz or granite. As popular and good-looking as those options are, though, they are also incredibly expensive. You can get a beautiful countertop with laminate, and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get it. Laminate has evolved over the years, and comes in all sorts of colors, textures, and patterns. You can customize laminate countertops to your preferences.

countertop with laminate

Purchase Cabinetry from China

Many popular furniture stores in America have expanded production to China. If you are purchasing kitchen cabinetry from an American store, odds are it came from China. Don’t forget – purchasing kitchen cabinetry from China doesn’t need to be a challenge, nor do you have to empty your bank account. With HSM supporting you, you can have seamless and completely customized results that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

House Renovations Are Not Unattainable

Kitchen cabinets are always in demand. Ones imported from China are worth pursuing for a number of reasons. They are affordable, are meticulously detailed, and are made with high-quality materials. With that said, not every kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China provides high-quality wholesale products. Some look as cheap as they cost. Others – like the ones provided by HSM – have premium craftsmanship at affordable rates.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals to design a concept for your wine room, bar, study, walk-in closets, laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen, get in touch with HSM. We can make the decor you have visualized a reality.

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