The color of the kitchen cabinet is one of the significant contributors to the overall value, ambiance, and aesthetic condition of the kitchen. According to a 2021 Houzz Kitchen Trends study, up to 45% of homeowners prefer white cabinets – a number similar to what was obtained in previous years.  Coming second in the rankings is the two-tone cabinet designs, usually in the form of dark-grey cabinets or other contrasting colors for the island or base cabinets, below light-colored or white upper cabinets.

two-tone cabinets

More homeowners are taking an interest in two-tone cabinets. Kitchen contractors are increasingly adopting the emerging trends to ensure their clients get the best cabinet colors for their kitchen.

When is it best to install light – or dark – kitchen cabinets?

A dark kitchen cabinet’s suitability depends on a couple of factors, including the home’s long-term value, the preferred mood, and the room size. There is no absolute best kitchen design.

the best way to serve your clients

So, as a contractor, the best way to serve your clients is to consider all of the determining factors:

The preferred mood

Most of the visible kitchen space is filled with kitchen cabinets. This is an important reason to ensure they come in the right style and color. Clients always want cabinetry colors that reflect their preferred feel and mood. They definitely have a specific ambiance and personality they want their kitchen to show. For instance, you can help them achieve a contemporary feel by combining dark brown cabinets with stone and marble.

combining dark brown cabinets with stone and marble

The size of the kitchen

Small kitchens most likely lack natural light, so having dark-colored cabinets will most likely not do any good. However, choosing a lighter cabinet color creates a feeling of openness and makes the small kitchen bright.

lighter cabinet

The long-term value of the home

If your client plans to live in their present home for only 5-10 years, you should factor in this while making cabinet color decisions during renovation. For best results, opt for kitchen designs and colors that create a timeless appeal to the next owner while reflecting the current owners’ personality and preferences.

A Broad Range of Cabinet Options

You always have many cabinet options to choose from when working on a new kitchen design. For instance, HSM cabinets is an online gallery offering useful inspiration in cabinet options. Their catalog includes several examples of dark cabinets combined with different trending colors to create different overall appearances. You can choose from dark Shaker cabinets, available in black, brown, and grey, or modern frameless dark cabinets.


How trendy are dark kitchen cabinets?

Dark kitchen cabinets are still very much in style. For instance, 55% of s respondents in a survey opted for a blend of dark or two-tone cabinets, while the other 45% chose white kitchen cabinets.

Dark Cabinets and White Cabinets Compared

Many homeowners will go for white kitchen cabinets without thinking twice. Considering how much positive effect white cabinets can have on the overall design and appearance, especially in a tight or low-light kitchen environment, that’s expected. Likewise, the white color blends with almost any home style or décor. The calming nature of white makes it easier for homeowners to throw in colorful appliances and elegant class cabinets to accentuate their styles.

white cabinets are quite popular

All of these point to a fact – white cabinets are quite popular. If that is the case, why do we have several homeowners opting for dark kitchen cabinets? Let’s find out together.

Why do homeowners prefer dark cabinets for their kitchen?

1.          Conceals stains, dings, and scratches.

If you use your kitchen is busier than usual, you have a good reason to go for dark cabinets. Those daily wear and tear caused by kids and pets are better hidden in dark cabinets than the white models.

2.         Multiple design options.

The major role of light-colored cabinets is to create more space and help achieve an overall beautiful kitchen. Conversely, dark cabinets make a natural focal point. You can easily create unique design interests by combining dark and light cabinets – the color can come in from the flooring, lighting, and décor.

unique design interests by combining dark and light cabinets

Dark cabinets can also help to create an impression of different spaces. For instance, a design with a delineating wall and contrasting color can make the kitchen stand out from other parts of the open-concept space.

3.          Dark cabinets are synonymous with luxury.

The depth, richness, and feeling dark cabinets add to kitchen’s finishes all contribute to an overall feeling of luxury. White cabinets hardly add an intimate ambiance to the kitchen, but dark cabinets add a formal elegance.

4.         Bold, contrasting styles.

Dark cabinets are known for their boldness. Throwing dark cabinets into a kitchen space can take it from a bland, conventional kitchen into an inviting room that welcomes friends and family.

two-tone design with dark base cabinets and white upper cabinets

Introducing high-contrast colors can add an energetic and welcoming feel to the space. For instance, a two-tone design with dark base cabinets and white upper cabinets can achieve these effects. So, feel free to recommend more vivid colors to your clients, provided it resonates with their accent and décor choices.

5.          Makes the kitchen welcoming.

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen welcoming and cozy is to introduce dark shaker kitchens, for instance, a blend of dark and black grey finishes.

dark shaker kitchens

6.         Ideal for large kitchens.

Having light-colored cabinets in a large kitchen does not bring that special spark. On the other hand, dark cabinets deliver the spark and make the room fit for multiple décors and accent pieces to create an overall eclectic look. The dark cabinets get even better with contrasting lighting, flooring, and art.

dark cabinets get even better with contrasting lighting, flooring

 7.         Several color options to choose from.

You are never short of options when it comes to dark cabinets. You can get them in grey, purple, black, green, dark brown, blue, or even red wood finishes. There is no limit to the possibilities of dark paint and stain colors.

purple kitchen cabinets

Top Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For You

The most popular dark kitchen cabinet options are grey, walnut, and black cabinets. But that is not all; there are tons of dark shades to choose from. While that is great to have, it becomes tricky to choose the best for your client.

modern style shaker cabinets

You can achieve an elegant and luxurious kitchen ambiance by installing dark cabinets in a Shaker-style black and grey. Combining these with red or any other contrasting solid color helps achieve a modern look. Alternatively, you can go for stainless steel appliances if you want a contemporary-style kitchen.

Dark flooring is best for dark brown cabinets, giving you a monochromatic look highlighting the kitchen’s sleekness. It also makes the kitchen space an excellent atmosphere for dining and entertaining.

You can combine white and black cabinets to achieve a luxurious feel. In this case, white plays the role of standard contrast color to black.

white and black cabinets

The best way to know what works best for your client is to speak with them. It is essential to know which dark cabinet finishes and looks will blend perfectly with the other design choices in the kitchen to arrive at the expected appearance.

Are you considering dark cabinets for your next project?

Reach out to HSM Cabinets for the best-in-class, top-quality shaker kitchen cabinets. Our extensive catalog comprises several dark grey cabinets that can transform your bathrooms, kitchens, and closets.

HSM cabinets catalog

We have helped contractors make the best design decisions over the last two decades, and we will be glad to add you to the list of our happy customers.

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