October 26, 2023

Where Do Hotels Buy Their Furniture – 2023 Complete Guide

Hotel furniture encompasses a broad range, from a single chair to a reception desk, and even a wall lamp can be categorized as hotel furniture. If you’re planning to upgrade your hotel or kick start a hotel project, then “where do hotels buy their furniture?” is certainly a topic of interest to you.

Hotels often make their furniture purchases based on their needs and characteristics, so there’s no fixed formula to give a precise answer. This article will delve into various facets of buying hotel furniture, offering some tips that may be beneficial to you.

Where Do Hotels Buy Their Furniture

Hotels buy their Furniture Online

Buying commercial furniture online is no longer a novelty. Perhaps in the past, if you were opening a hotel, you might have had to partner with specialized hotel furniture suppliers. Nowadays, it’s no longer a necessity. Of course, this isn’t to undermine the capabilities of professional suppliers, but online shopping offers a wider array of options for suitable hotel furniture.

buy hotel furniture online

Why Buy Hotel Furniture Online

Online shopping for hotel furniture doesn’t just replace physical movement with clicks on a device; it also provides access to a greater variety of designs. Moreover, you can learn more about the furniture even before making a purchase. With the information on the internet becoming increasingly comprehensive, one can easily find various details about hotel furniture (both educational and commercial), and different kinds of furniture sellers, such as suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. It’s no wonder that more and more hotels opt for online furniture shopping.

International Purchases Online

For those sourcing hotel furniture, the internet doesn’t just offer convenience—it bridges global distances. Previously, local purchasing might have been your only option, but now a simple Google search can connect you with overseas manufacturers or suppliers of hotel furniture.

Most reputable overseas hotel furniture manufacturer websites act like extensive catalogs, where you can find almost anything you’re looking for. Opting for overseas purchases often means either cost-saving benefits or access to high-end designs. However, it’s undeniable that there are associated risks, such as longer delivery times.

Not Just Google Search

Online hotel furniture shopping isn’t restricted to Google searches. Business networking platforms like LinkedIn and B2B furniture platforms offer a plethora of premium hotel furniture suppliers. LinkedIn, being a prominent business networking platform, lets you discover manufacturers from various sectors, including numerous hotel furniture manufacturers.

find furniture from overseas by linkedin

By utilizing LinkedIn’s filter features, you can pinpoint the scale and location of these manufacturers. If you’re looking to compare prices, B2B platforms are invaluable.

furniture supplier from alibaba

Examples include Alibaba, IndiaMART, Made in China, and Lightinthebox. For instance, Alibaba organizes hotel furniture categories for easy product filtering, enabling you to sift through certified sellers, available stock, and price ranges. These platforms are akin to online furniture marketplaces, simplifying the purchasing process.

Caution When Buying Online

While many hotels are turning to online purchases, it’s undeniable that risks are associated, especially when buying internationally. Matters such as after-sales service, punctual deliveries, smooth communication, logistics arrangements, and product quality need attention. However, if you find a trustworthy supplier, online procurement can be an excellent method. HSM, a professional hotel furniture supplier, offers an all-inclusive hotel package. Contact us for a free quote and catalog.

Of course, hotels don’t solely rely on online sources for furniture. Online prices might not always be cheaper than offline ones, and the same goes for quality and after-sales service. In the next section, we’ll delve into the nature of hotel furniture sellers and analyze their respective pros and cons.

Hotel Furniture Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers

When considering opening a hotel, deciding where to buy furniture is crucial and can be quite perplexing. Unlike buying furniture for homes, the complexity of furnishing a hotel surpasses that of home interiors. If you’re a hotel owner, decisions on pricing, design, and specific furniture arrangements are up to you. Hence, suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers each have their own market in the hotel furniture industry.

difference between Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers

Hotel Furniture Suppliers

Many hotels approach suppliers for their furniture needs because hotel furnishing isn’t just about tables and chairs. It should also match the hotel’s design. Suppliers, with their expertise, can efficiently address these furniture matching issues. They not only provide professional advice for hotel setups but also offer customized furniture solutions.


  • Customization Ability: Established hotel furniture suppliers have extensive experience, often accompanied by design teams, making customization a strong selling point.
  • Project Management: Renowned suppliers have handled numerous projects, hence have rich experience in product manufacturing, delivery, and large-scale project management.
  • One-stop Service: It’s hassle-free. You only need to deal with core matters with the supplier, leaving other trivial furniture concerns to the professionals.


  • Higher Pricing: These suppliers aren’t direct manufacturers, so their prices might be relatively higher.
  • Repetitive Designs: Even though they offer customization, some might recycle past designs, leading to overly similar hotel interiors.

Overall Evaluation:

Hotel furniture suppliers can significantly ease your hotel setup process, but it comes at a higher price. If you have ample funds and seek convenience, selecting a supplier is an excellent choice, given you pick a top-tier one.

Hotel Furniture Manufacturers

Manufacturers are, as the name suggests, the direct source of production. They might not offer all-inclusive services like suppliers. However, many modern-day manufacturers provide comprehensive hotel furnishing services, e.g., HSM.


  • Pricing: Being the direct source, manufacturers generally offer more competitive prices than suppliers.
  • Complimentary Design Services: Many top manufacturers have design teams, and design services are often offered free with confirmed orders.
  • Vast Material Choices: Direct collaboration with the manufacturer grants a wider variety of materials.


  • Mediocre Designs: Although equipped with design teams, on average, their designs might be less creative than suppliers.
  • After-sales Service: Their after-sales services can sometimes be lacking, especially when problems arise after some time.

Overall Evaluation:

While wholesalers have a pricing advantage, manufacturers, being the direct source, offer not only more competitive prices than suppliers but also customization. Hence, many hotels aiming for cost-efficiency and customized designs tend to buy their furniture from manufacturers.

Hotel Furniture Wholesalers

Some hotels purchase furniture from wholesalers, primarily for their cost-effectiveness and fixed styles. This category includes budget hotels, chain hotels, and renovated hotels.


  • Cost-effective: Wholesalers offer very affordable prices, ideal for hotels with a unified layout and low design requirements.
  • Quick Delivery: Wholesale furniture is often in stock, eliminating the wait associated with custom orders.
  • Simplified Purchasing Process: Fixed styles mean a streamlined buying experience without the complexities of design and customization.


  • Limited Styles: Their offerings might be too generic.
  • Hidden Costs: The affordable pricing might come at the expense of lower-quality materials, which might lead to future repair costs.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: The unit price at wholesalers is often determined by the volume of purchase.

Overall Evaluation:

While wholesalers might not be the go-to for luxury or design-oriented hotels, they remain a top choice for many establishments. Their affordability, ease of purchasing, and swift delivery address many concerns hoteliers face during setup.

Hotels Buy Their Furniture Depending On….

Hotels, being expansive commercial ventures, have various components to consider, one of which is furniture. Furniture alone accounts for 10-25% of the total project cost. The more upscale the hotel, the closer this figure gets to 25%. The decision of where hotels buy their furniture isn’t made lightly. It’s based on brand positioning, target audience, and budget, among other factors. If you’re unsure, read on.

Hotels Buy Their Furniture Depending On….

Who Is the Hotel Furniture Targeted Towards?

Are you catering to vacationers, business travelers, or backpackers? It’s essential to have a clear customer positioning. For instance, if your primary guests are business travelers, a desk with charging ports or USB slots becomes vital. Vacationers might appreciate comfortable loungers and outdoor furniture. Therefore, the decision of where hotels buy their furniture is well-considered, encompassing more than just tables, chairs, and beds.

When purchasing hotel furniture, understanding your market and their specific needs is crucial. Furniture isn’t only about appealing design. Experienced hotel furniture manufacturers or designers can provide valuable advice, so you don’t have to plan everything by yourself. For instance, HSM not only manufactures hotel furniture directly but also offers complimentary design services, free purchasing consultations, and regularly updated furniture catalogs. Contact us for more details.

Efficiently Budgeting for Hotel Furniture

The cost of hotel furniture varies widely, depending on whether you’re dealing with suppliers, manufacturers, or wholesalers. Your budget is like a pie that needs to be divided, and furniture takes up a significant slice. If managed effectively, this can lead to substantial savings. One might think cheap and quality are opposing forces, leading to compromises in material or design.

However, a strategy I recommend is overseas sourcing, specifically from foreign hotel furniture manufacturers. This approach allows many hotels to procure upscale furniture at the same price or the same quality furniture at a reduced cost. If extended shipping times don’t deter you, purchasing from overseas can maximize your budget. To understand more about overseas procurement processes, feel free to get in touch.


The question, “where do hotels buy their furniture,” doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Some hotels prefer online sourcing, others lean towards local suppliers, and many opt for overseas manufacturers. While this article might not pinpoint a specific “where,” despite the word count, I believe that after reading it, you might have a clearer idea about where to source furniture for your hotel establishment.

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