July 3, 2023

How to find wholesale bedroom furniture suppliers online

The importance of bedroom furniture is obvious because it can help people get rid of the stress and tension of the day and relax. Therefore, the wholesale sale of these essential necessities is of great benefit to wholesalers. Maybe you are a bedroom furniture wholesaler, the person in charge of purchasing at a certain hotel, the manager of a certain furniture store, etc. If you need to wholesale bedroom furniture, you can take a look at what you need to pay attention to. Perhaps where or how to wholesale high-quality bedroom furniture at an affordable price is your most concerned issue, and we will serve you the dishes—some smart tips or effective moves. So you can believe that you will gain something after reading this article.

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The importance of bedroom furniture

Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Do you already have a bedroom furniture list you would like to wholesale? If not, you can refer to the necessary bedroom furniture types listed below; if you do, you can have a look to see if there is any missing one and add it to your purchasing list. For the reason that if you wholesale the bedroom furniture that most people will need and, at the same time, have unique styles, that can make selling easier.

consistent style of bedroom furniture sets

Bed Frame

Designed to provide even support for a box spring and the mattress, including the header, footer, legs, and side rails, bed frames have many types apart from common metal and wood. There are various traditional and modern bed frames, like platform, frame-only, four-poster, bunk, sleigh, trundle, etc.

3-Collection of different types of beds


The most frequently used furniture piece in the bedroom, after the bed, is the wardrobe. It keeps the stuff organized, maximizes space, offers efficient storage, and more. Hinged door wardrobe, free-standing wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe—find the preferred one to suit your wholesale needs.

Individual wholesale wardrobes from HSM


For many people, nightstands are bedtime companions, reminding them of what they need to do before bed, offering places to hide little things, and much more. It’s a good idea for you to wholesale simple side tables, drawer and shelf nightstands, and side chests, to name a few, which are practical and essential.

Dressing Table

It is a very significant storage unit in every household to keep clothes, makeup items, and other accessories. They are so versatile, with different styles, shapes, colors, mirrors, sizes, legs, and materials, meaning you have so many options when it comes to wholesale.

05-Popular bedroom dressing table on Instagram

Dresser And Chest Of Drawer

Choose what meets your targeted wholesale market and customers: bachelor’s chest, combo dresser, double dresser, dresser and change table, gentleman’s chest, lingerie chest, media chest, standard horizontal dresser, stand vertical dresser, highboy, lowboy, bombe dresser, etc.

In addition to the necessary bedroom furniture listed above, there are many more, such as bedroom benches, accent chairs, stools, mirrors, various bedding, etc., and your wholesale list must have already been filled. And of course, you can wholesale this bedroom furniture by the set, which ismore convenient and cost-effective.

How To Find Reliable Bedroom Furniture Wholesalers?

There are many ways. But in fact, all the ways can be divided into online and offline. The former means relying on the well-developed network online to look for local or overseas bedroom furniture wholesalers; offline, the latter requires you to visit these bedroom furniture marketplaces or wholesale centers, etc. For starters, let’s talk about the online way.

06-How To Find Reliable Bedroom Furniture Wholesalers


Search on Alibaba.

As the world’s factory, China is naturally a big exporter of furniture, and Alibaba is an important platform for Chinese furniture exporters to showcase themselves to foreign customers. Through Alibaba, you can find hundreds of bedroom furniture wholesalers, and in addition to good-quality products, the price is a reasonable discount.

Search on Alibaba

When we search for wholesale bedroom furniture on Alibaba, the results are shown above. The filter on the left side of the page is useful. You can check or enter the content you need from the options of supplier features, product features, order quantity, price, supplier country or region, management certification, and product certification, which will help you find the ideal bedroom furniture wholesaler more accurately.

The results displayed when you search for bedroom furniture wholesale on Alibaba

The main body of the page is the bedroom furniture product display of each wholesaler or manufacturer; click the picture you are interested in for further information. Below each image is the title, price, MOQ, verified or not, level, year, location, and rating. Then sometimes there are other more displayed pictures about this product; below it is “Contact supplier”, You can click here to contact the merchant.

the bedroom furniture product display of each wholesaler or manufacturer

In addition, websites similar to Alibaba include Made-in-China, Global Sources, DHGate, AliExpress, etc., where you can find wholesale bedroom furniture with a wide range of products and good prices, particularly suitable for those on a tight budget.

Global Sources
Global Sources

Apart from wholesale bedroom furniture from China, you can also wholesale from other countries, such as the United States, India, Vietnam, etc. Below are websites from these countries specializing in wholesale bedroom furniture information and services.

The United States

All American Wholesalers
All American Wholesalers

It’s serving as a resource for wholesale buyers, and with profiles showcasing each manufacturer, buyers will gain access to information and products only available at shows or wholesale malls, like bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Furniture Discounts
Bedroom Furniture Discounts

More than a retailer, it also sells wholesale bedroom furniture to other furniture stores with exclusive low prices, a vast selection of the top brands, and a trained eye for fine furniture.


On Faire, you need to sign up to unlock more information, such as wholesale pricing. It is an online wholesale marketplace connecting independent retailers and brands around the world.

Texas Wholesale Furniture
Texas Wholesale Furniture

It offers luxury, high-end brand-name bedroom furniture at wholesale, factory-direct, and discount prices. If your wholesale bedroom furniture is for the high-end market, then you can take it into consideration.



It is India’s largest online B2B marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. With millions of suppliers, you have a good chance of finding bedroom furniture at wholesale prices on this site.


It is an India-based, leading, and trusted furniture manufacturer and wholesaler. Your wholesale orders for bedroom furniture, such as wardrobes, bedroom stools, and more, are fully affordable and customizable.



This is a Vietnam-based furniture manufacturing company with a strong brand lined up in almost 32 countries worldwide. Its clients are mainly furniture importers or wholesalers, chains of furniture shops, chains of DIY stores, and e-tellers. Contact it directly via its official website if you want to wholesale bedroom furniture made from different types of wood in Vietnam, such as the acacia tree, pine, white oak, and more.

Google it. 

If you want to get more information, search directly on Google. It’s important to note that owning the ability to filter useless information is better because the information is too complicated. Do a direct search for “wholesale bedroom furniture,” and we’ll see some sites that have been mentioned above and many others that haven’t. When you enter a certain website, you need to check its credibility—you can do this from the company profile, location, contact information, user evaluation, etc.

Google it-1
Google it-2
Google it-3


If you know from your friends that the local store or furniture center is where you can wholesale bedroom furniture, you can arrange the itinerary according to your own schedule. Or, if you have absolutely no idea where to buy wholesale bedroom furniture, then you need to search on the internet. Google for “wholesale bedroom furniture near me”, or, by the way, you can search for “bedroom furniture exhibition.” Write down the time and location of the exhibition if there’s any available, and you can also find many manufacturers or information about wholesale bedroom furniture at the exhibition. Make your search journey more flexible—oh, you’ll see.

It is worth mentioning that when it comes to exhibitions, if you have time and energy, it is also a good choice to visit related furniture exhibitions in other countries, such as China.

China International Furniture Fair

As the leading furniture trade show in the world to offer a convenient platform for furniture suppliers and buyers, CIFF was founded in 1998 and has been held for 50 consecutive sessions so far, covering a wide range of topics, such as home furniture, home decor and textiles, outdoor and leisure furniture, office furniture, furniture accessories, and more. The 52nd CIFF Shanghai will be held in Hongqiao on September 5-8, 2023.

47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021

China International Furniture Expo

Also known as Furniture China, it is a professional international furniture exhibition and trade fair with an excellent reputation globally. Its themes include home furniture, office furniture, furnishings, lighting, kitchens, furniture manufacturing equipment, etc. It attracts tens of thousands of professional buyers from all over the world every year and creates unlimited business opportunities and profits for both suppliers and buyers. The 28th China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China 2023) will be held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on September 11–15, 2023.

Note: Participating in exhibitions is a very direct and effective way for enterprises or merchants to obtain a large amount of industry information. If you want to visit these exhibitions, remember to arrange your own itinerary. We hope you gain useful information about wholesale bedroom furniture.

In addition, some bedroom furniture physical stores will hold promotional activities from time to time, such as anniversary celebrations, holiday promotions, and so on. If these stores are near your business or warehouse, you can also get free home delivery. It is wise for you to keep an eye out for these bedroom furniture stores in your daily life and join some forums or groups about furniture events. In this way, you can get wholesale discounts at any time and buy a lot of high-quality bedroom furniture on a budget.


With the development of society and the improvement of quality of life, people’s demand for furniture is increasing; therefore, it is a good idea that you want to wholesale bedroom furniture. However, wholesale is not an easy task. Hopefully, after reading some tips in this article, it will be helpful for your wholesale business to develop more effectively and smoothly.

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