Acquired elite Italian kitchen cabinets will not go out of fashion and can stand the test of time, given that they are designed with craftsmanship, combining beauty and refinement with absolute quality.

This guide will focus on some main aspects of Italian kitchen cabinets, such as “What are the truly Italian-style kitchen cabinets?” “How to incorporate Italian kitchen cabinets into your home?” “How can I make good use of Italian-style kitchen cabinets?” and so on, hoping to give you some substantial help and inspiration.

01-elite Italian kitchen cabinets

Smooth and streamlined appearances and convenient auxiliary mechanisms guarantee easy and pleasant use of kitchen cabinets.

Imagine that you invite your friends to your party and are preparing delicious food for them in the kitchen. Everything is orderly instead of chaotic.

And guess what? Coincidentally, you’re cooking Italian food this time, like Risotto Alla Milanese, Lasagna, Osso buco, Tiramisu, and more. Who’s to say it won’t be a perfect party?

Take A Bite Of Italian Style: Behind The High-end, Luxury Italian Kitchen Cabinets

About Italian style, what comes to mind first? Renaissance, Mona Lisa, David of Michelangelo, The School of Athens? The picturesque Venice the city of water, the bustling downtown of Rome, or the rolling hills of Tuscany?

02-Strong Renaissance style cabinetry design

Obviously, yeah, it is the irresistible charm soaked in a rich history of artistry and craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of perfection that make Italian kitchen cabinets stand out against cabinets in other styles.

That would be great if you want to incorporate Italian flavor into your home through deluxe Italian kitchen cabinets.

How Can I Know Whether They Are Truly Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets?

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets have clean lines, top-of-the-line hardware, and features like soft-close hinges, pull-out drawers, and integrated lighting that make cooking or entertaining a true pleasure and storage easy.

03-Natural wood and dark green combination into Italian style kitchen cabinets

As for the ones made from wood, premium wood, refined fittings, and stylish decorative trim elements will be used. From solid wood frames and doors to high-quality drawer fronts and much more, they are built to last. No wonder some homeowners will move their cabinets with them when they change residences!

From pull-out spice racks and utensil drawers to custom-built wine racks and built-in appliance garages, you can easily create the storage you need to keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free.

04-Natural marble countertops in Italian kitchens

With Italian kitchen cabinets, which are typically expensive, yet you have access to a variety of options that make it easy to find everything you need at eye level. That’s why we mention you can handle a big party with ease at the beginning of this guide.

What’s more, you don’t have to work very hard to decorate the rest of your kitchen because the Italian-style kitchen cabinets make a stunning statement in the space and, meanwhile, spruce up other items. It’s absolutely possible for you to obtain a tasteful, welcoming kitchen even with simple decor.


  • crisp and neat appearance
  • delicate hardware, e.g., knobs, pulls, hinges, slide trails, etc.
  • selected materials
  • durable
  • easy reach and store
  • costly
  • full of artistic themselves
  • make the rest of the kitchen look better effortlessly

Let Italian Kitchen Cabinets Blend Perfectly With Your Home

Consider your kitchen layout:

one-wall kitchen, galley kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, island kitchen, or peninsula kitchen. Only when you are familiar with the kitchen area can you maximize the functionality of both the cabinets and the entire space.

05-Italian style kitchen cabinets with island

Figure out what kitchen items you need.

Except for cabinets, mark down all the appliances, equipment, lighting, and furniture that the kitchen requires or doesn’t have presently in case of a later remodel. Let’s be specific: does the kitchen require a kitchen island or peninsula? How about installing a Sputnik chandelier? Or something else. Incorporate them into the layout.

Think about the workflow.

The workflow dictates what sits next to what. When designing the layout of kitchen cabinets, the golden rule suggests that it would be ideal to place the fridge, oven, and sink close to each other, allowing you to prepare meals smoothly. And the island sinks and hobs are popular with cooks who like to chat as they prep. By the way, having the trash can close to the sink is a not bad idea.

06-Kitchen work area division

Your appetite for kitchen cabinets.

When you finish thinking about the above parts about hard decoration, give some thought to your preferred style. Although there are various Italian-style kitchen cabinets to choose from, you need to pick your favorite one. In addition, the Italian-style kitchen cabinets you decide on are going to affect the other kitchen decor, like countertops, backsplashes, flooring, lighting, and so on.

07-Concrete-look tiles in Italian style kitchen

The kitchen should emphasize aesthetics and functionality. Keep clear sightlines from being interrupted by bulky appliances or cluttered countertops. Remember, every house is different, and the possibilities are many. Never copy others kitchen designs directly, and it will never go wrong to maintain the overall design concept throughout the whole project.

Rock The Unique Aesthetic Of Italian Kitchen Cabinets

You may have noticed that Italian-style kitchen cabinets almost revolve around minimalistic aesthetics and sleek edges. Even their traditional collections would not be too much, you can still find clues of aesthetic: less is more. Let’s be more concrete, making use of razor-sharp, clean lines, Italian-style kitchen cabinets combine contemporary glamour with skillfully engineered integrated cabinet systems.

08-Italian style cabinetry with minimalist lines

The following are some design ideas and tips about how to maximize streamlined and understated Italian-style kitchen cabinets.

Add Foil And Metal Accents

If you decide on simple colors, clean lines, and a purist and minimalist look for the kitchen, on this basis, applying foil high gloss fronts and metal details is a nice choice—keep in line with the overall simple design concept while adding special and catchy elements to the space.

Decorative Glass Shelves And Back Panels Are Having A Moment

With light-reflecting, glossy, and smooth surfaces, the glass shelves and back panels complement Italian-style kitchen cabinets, giving the cooking space a fashionable appearance as well as individuality.

09-Italian style cabinetry room with glass doors

Go A Little Extra Further

It’s definitely not a problem to introduce some smart colors such as yellow, red, and purple for a more personalized kitchen. Maybe a small piece of the wall, backsplash, or one of the cabinet doors, etc.

Handleless Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets

If you have no idea how to decide on cabinet door handles, think about the hidden handles. The kitchen cabinets without handles complement the minimalist design and also accentuate the beauty of the kitchen cabinets themselves, to some extent.

10-Handleless Italian kitchen cabinets

A Simple Open Wall Shelf Can Also Be Charming

Italian-style kitchen cabinets are the centerpieces in the space, and for this reason, it saves you a lot of energy and time to make the final decision about other adorned pieces. For example, a simple open wall shelf allows you to create an appealing space as well. There’s no need for you to drain your brain on the collaboration with the kitchen cabinets.

Bulky Stone Countertops Are Not A Must-have

You can use some lightweight countertops to eschew a heavy and overloading sense in the space, such as the plastic laminate countertop, plywood countertop, stainless steel countertop, and so on.

11-Italian kitchen cabinets with stainless steel countertops

Take The Advantage Of Kitchen Cabinets

Incorporate the island, peninsula, dining table, eat-in bar, or resting nook with Italian-style kitchen cabinets for a cohesive, flexible, and swift cooking space.

On the one hand, you can bring out the simple yet practical aesthetic of the cabinets and make these parts more accessible to each other—none of them are superfluous; on the other hand, this is a wise way to reduce unnecessary materials and optimize their functionality—you can pass the dishes faster between the workstation and dining table when you combine two of them.

Use Minimal Lighting

Compared with the extravagant chandeliers, the unadorned linear or geometric pendant lighting or spotlights can highlight the attractive Italian kitchen cabinets well—they complement each other, and neither of them will overshadow each other’s shining points.

12-Lighting in the Italian kitchen

Soft, Warm Pieces Add Depth

Leather seating in a toffee color and milky white fluffy area rugs soften the cabinets as well as the whole space.

Give Green Plants A Good Thought

Probably no one will refuse a vibrant, organic culinary space. Decorate and enliven the Italian-style kitchen cabinets with vigorous green plants.

13-Italian kitchen decorated with green plants

Take The Kitchen Cabinets As A Unique Place To Show Your Interests

You don’t have to rely on various salt and pepper shakers to add a splash of personality. Instead of focusing on stacks of dishes, have a few of your favorite collections cooperate with Italian kitchen cabinets to make them complement each other and show your taste. In addition, smart cutlery drawers in Italian cabinets make your kitchen cleaner and more organized.

To Get Italian-style Kitchen Cabinets, Is It A Must That I Purchase From Italian Brands?

Of course, no. Thanks to constantly developing science and technology, close and frequent communication all over the world, and people’s growing sensibility and appreciation for beauty, actually, there are a lot of competitive brands and companies from various countries available for your selection. Kitchen cabinets made in these countries, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, China, Brazil, and so on, are worthy of consideration when you do some purchasing. In other words, you can buy Italian cabinets almost anywhere in the world. This may sound exaggerated, but it is true.

14-Reasons for ordering kitchen cabinets online

Fast delivery speeds, relatively low prices, the convenience of shopping online, free design input, advanced 3D design software, and the immediate response of customer support make it popular for many homeowners to order kitchen cabinets or other furniture on the internet.

However, there is one thing: Italian-style kitchen cabinets manufactured in Italy are very likely to have the highest quality and may be the most expensive. Here are some top Italian kitchen cabinet manufacturers that you can check out.



Its integrations of manual skill and technology, tireless research on the best materials, tailor-made projects, and collaborations and harmonious partnerships, as well as many insights such as offering brand extensions, have made Boffi a household name in the kitchen industry and synonymous with innovation and design at an international level.



Furniture designed by Pedini evolves with the changing needs of people through constant innovation in products and manufacturing processes. It knows that this aesthetic and functional research is all aimed at improving the quality of life. Pedini has been a protagonist in the history of design for over 60 years and continues its development with the concepts of refinement and functional creativity.



Another high-end designer kitchen company. Transform thoughts and processes into articles that are already at their genesis with competence acquired through the specialist production of kitchens, and it connects functionality and conviviality, practicality and experience.



Born in Valpolicella in the second half of the 1940s, it produces high-quality kitchens, the result of the design, research, and skilled manufacturing art that have always characterized those Italian excellencies that stand out both nationally and abroad.

19-Parlun building


Skilled at crafting Italian-style kitchen cabinets, albeit based in China. Since its debut, it has adhered to helping its customers get modern, stylish, and durable kitchen cabinets of high quality at a reasonable price. Except for the kitchen cabinets, other products like doors, windows, lighting, etc. are available as well. Perfect display of Italian style and Oriental aesthetics.



A century-old Italian company with international breath that has introduced kitchens in the catalog in recent years. Its design know-how, modern and luxurious design, and meticulous combination of materials and accessories make Giorgetti kitchens an artwork, ensuring all the functionality of a kitchen without sacrificing style.

We all know that the kitchen is part of our daily routine, and it’s important to take every personal need into account during the planning phase. After looking through the above first-rate brands of Italian kitchen cabinets, we suppose you probably have a picture in mind of what your ideal kitchen would look like. Either way, you always have the final say in your kitchen design, whether buy from these fabulous Italian brands, or the brands from other countries.

Go And Know The Merits And Demerits Of Purchasing Italian Kitchen Cabinets Online

As we said before, with science and technology developing, the internet has changed our lives. Purchasing kitchen cabinets used to require a trip to a store or a look at catalogs, but now you can search on websites that offer more than any store can.

Yet, just as there are always two sides to the same coin, so is purchasing kitchen cabinets online.

21-Pros and cons of Purchasing Italian Kitchen Cabinets Online (1)


With the help of the designers online, you might enjoy the maximum personal touch on your Italian kitchen cabinets, which you may not experience from a brick-and-mortar store.

Free online design service. If you want to design your dream kitchen cabinets in person, that can happen. Most of them will offer no-obligation, hassle-free designs and send you an itemized list detailing costs, tailored, vivid renderings, etc. Unlike the showroom, if you ask for designs from it, you might have to pay $50 to $200.

22-free design

Multiple options and flexible adaptations for customizing. Online retailers offer more than hundreds of door styles and cabinet construction options. Besides, if you have some new ideas, you can connect with your designer and make some adjustments or modifications. For example, you may alter cabinet depth or hinge sides.

23-HSM offers a wide selection of kitchen cabinet door styles

Prompt and free consultations. If you have any questions about your Italian kitchen cabinets, you can text them. More often than not, they’ll get back to you as soon as they see the message, and with any luck, you’ll get an immediate response. These services are usually free.

Sample can be shipped. Worried that buying kitchen cabinets online isn’t concrete? Fret not. To make sure it’s the Italian kitchen cabinet you’re looking for, online vendors will send you sample cabinets—some for free, others for a small fee—but they’re not expensive and will give you some ideas in mind before you splurge on a full set.

Economical and high-quality. Sales and discounts are not merely for big-box stores. You can save around 5%–15% or even more at online retailers since there are no massive overheads and other operating fees that brick-and-mortar stores need. By cutting out these unnecessary fees, online retailers can offer you affordable and high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of the cabinets being compromised by the price.

Don’t have to face the pressure of a physical store salesperson. Have you ever shopped in a physical store with a salesperson next to you constantly recommending something? If you find this overwhelming, you can avoid these situations by buying online.

24-the pressure of a physical store salesperson

Easier and faster to compare products and prices. To buy Italian kitchen cabinets online, you can easily compare products and prices from multiple retailers with the click of a mouse or your phone. It doesn’t even take you more than a minute to search.

Place an order anywhere, anytime. You don’t even need to make an appointment; you can order online anytime, anywhere, even if you’re lying in bed at night or waking up in the morning.


The real thing probably doesn’t match the image. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, you can touch what you see, and have the access to tactile interaction and visual confirmation. However, the pictures of the Italian kitchen cabinets displayed in online stores may be different from the real ones, which may easily cause misunderstanding and trouble.

It’s not easy to create a bond and a sense of trust. Purchasing online without having a human being discuss your Italian kitchen cabinet options in person is difficult because it is hard to create a solid connection and trust by chatting over the phone or over email.

25-create a sense of trust

Uneven quality. Every day, there are new stores entering the online cabinetry market with indeterminable credentials and experience. Most of them are new and unestablished cabinet retailers. You can only verify their authenticity via other customers’ feedback and ratings, or, even worse, some of these sellers don’t have this reference information.

Long production cycle. Because it’s online, it’s hard for them to guarantee delivery on time. Especially if you buy Italian kitchen cabinets from other countries, the production cycle may be very long, plus the distance means you may need to wait a long time.

26-Long distance shipping

Many uncertain factors. Ordering Italian kitchen cabinets from the Internet is subject to many uncertainties, such as the availability of raw materials, the actual size of the production, the risks that may be encountered in transit, and so on.

The Gist Of Finding A Reliable Online Italian Kitchen Cabinet Store

Type of kitchen cabinets.

The first thing you’ll need to think about is the type of kitchen cabinets you want to have manufactured. Are you looking for the ultra modern one? Or just the regular one? It’s necessary for you to figure out whether they can produce your ideal type.

27-Type of kitchen cabinets


What are your requirements for Italian kitchen cabinets? Are you more concerned with price? Or do you need the best materials and construction? Quality is an essential factor to consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet online seller. After all, you don’t want to install new kitchen cabinets with various problems. Make sure to ask about the quality control measures that are in place. In addition, find out how cabinets are inspected and the process for dealing with defects. It’s important to ask about the website company’s experience with Italian kitchen cabinet types.


Undoubtedly, pricing is basic to think about when choosing an online Italian kitchen cabinet seller. Be sure to get quotes from multiple suppliers and compare prices side-by-side. What’s more, you can also ask about discounts.

Lead time

Do you need the kitchen cabinets urgently? Are you willing to wait weeks or months for production? Don’t forget to take the lead time into account when ordering custom Italian kitchen cabinets. Inquire about their lead time before.

Design services

Many online sellers offer full-color digital 3D renderings, 2D floor plans, and more after they have your kitchen measurements.

Manufacturing location

There are many qualified online kitchen cabinet companies if you’re willing to ship internationally. Think about your needs (from a long distance or a short distance) and find a suitable company.


You can ask them for a certificate of qualification or other related credentials.

28-KCMA certification for U.S. cabinetmakers


You want to find a supplier with a good reputation who is known for manufacturing high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets; they have rich experience and will allow you to attain your ideal Italian kitchen cabinets.


When searching for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, ask for their previous projects for other customers and read reviews from their clients.

It’s Not A Problem For You To Attain Italian-style Kitchen Cabinets In A Budget-friendly Way

Online kitchen cabinet companies sell products directly to consumers over the internet, allowing them to operate without the overhead of retail spaces or large inventories. With lower operating costs, they can pass on big savings to their customers, which means that by buying kitchen cabinets online, you can get ideal Italian-style kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank.

It is more cost-effective to order Italian kitchen cabinets from overseas countries with advanced manufacturing, such as China. As we all know, China has an abundant labor force and mature manufacturing industries. Moreover, China is also a source of raw materials and rich in resources. Many well-known cabinet brands have opened their own factories in China. This makes it possible for China to provide you with good-quality Italian kitchen cabinets at low prices. In addition, China’s shipping is well-developed, so you don’t need to worry about waiting too long.

29-Countless kitchen cabinets are made in China and shipped worldwide every year

Have you got an idea yet? This is also a great way to bring attractive Italian cabinetry and style to your home through online kitchen cabinet companies from overseas if you are on a budget.

All in all, you also need to consider the whole picture in your context—whether to buy in a store or order online. Good luck!

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